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As a charity we’re founded on the core belief that by empowering our own lives (me) we can positively impact the lives of the people around us (others) and collectively (everyone) make a difference in the world.
We intend to make a positive global contribution.


How do we do that?

In our programmes we teach personal leadership tools and coaching methods that help people to discover their sense of purpose, meaning and contribution. More than just a course, it becomes a way of being.

By learning these practical skills our participants empower themselves to be better listeners, communicate more authentically and connect deeper, helping them to create the life that they want to live.

What people say about the MOE Certified Coach Training Course:

MOE is all about helping you

…it’s about the positive impact people create by applying what they have learned through MOE to make a contribution and difference in the world.

Here are a few members of our community:

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Our mission is to share this gift with
as many people as possible

Love and contribution sits at the heart of MOE and that is why we offer a number of gifted places on the course, to people who might otherwise not be able to afford it.

over £3,000,000 gifted so far
and counting!

Even if you are able to contribute to the cost of the training, you choose how much you’re able to pay. This simple model has benefitted over 1500 people to date and our vision is to positively impact over 1 million people across the world, in the coming years.

We are working on bringing the MOE experience online so that we’re able to make it available in even more cities and countries worldwide.

Help us to turn this vision into reality!

We are a dedicated team of contributors (volunteers), trainers, coaches, trustees and a growing community of positive change makers. We know that if we want to make this big vision a reality we must do it together!

If you’re inspired by our work and would like to contribute, please contact us to see how you can get involved.