​MOE Digital Academy

MOE Digital Academy (MDA) is a high-octane collaborative discussion series allowing exclusive access to impactful local and global contributors. MDA offers the MOE community a chance to participate in a vibrant digital discussion space hosted by experts.

MDA launched on Thursday 4th June 2020. Since the launch event, when we kicked off with ‘How to show up when Sh!t happens’, we have opened up the floor to members of our amazing community who have led sessions on areas of their expertise:

Building a community using audio with Rob Lawrence

How to build your confidence as a coach with Nelly Elessa

Understanding your communication style with Ashley Boroda

And most recently: How to develop your presenting skills with Alasdair Craig:

Watch Alasdair sum up takeaways from January’s session here:

The next MOE Digital Academy is to be held on 25th February 2021 and will focus on Coaching Conversations around Mental Health. More information will be shared soon, with a link to secure a gifted-place (no charge to attend).

MDA needs you!

We are encouraging our amazing community to share their voice, help others and gain a true sense of contribution by sharing wisdom. MOE Digital Academy is a dynamic, safe, virtual community space actively encouraging individuals to live ‘on purpose’ and design a ’life less ordinary’. This virtual meeting place of like-minds inspires, informs and invigorates.

If you have something to share and are interested in leading a MOE Digital Academy, do get in touch!


​How to build a community through audio | MOE Digital Academy with Rob Lawrence

MOE Digital Academy, with thanks to Podcast Expert Rob Lawrence, held an amazing session on 17th July 2020 exploring how to build a community through audio.

For those who joined on the evening, it was enlightening and educating – we know this from the fantastic feedback received.

The session was recorded, and whether you were able to attend in person or whether you are now coming to MOE Digital Academy after the event – this recording is one not to be missed. Packed with top advice from Rob, as well as real-life experience shared by Podcaster (and MOE Graduate) Presence who presents podcast It Starts with Action.

Hopefully the recording below will re-inspire all those who attended, and newly inspire those listening for the first time.

It is planned for more sessions on podcasting to run in the future – keep an eye on your inbox for information as we add more to our calendar.

MOE looks forward to hearing where your podcasting journey takes you!

A huge thank you to Rob Lawrence for supporting the MOE community and sharing his wisdom.

​MOE Community Spotlight Emily Nuttall May 2020

This month it is our pleasure to introduce you to Emily Nuttall, an active and valued member of the MOE Community.

Emily initially found out about the MOE Foundation, back in 2015, when she was involved in another non-profit project over on the Channel Islands.

She knew she wanted to make a real difference in her hometown, and by chance was signposted to MOE – with that frequently heard comment ‘You should talk to MOE’. Not knowing who or what MOE was at the time, Emily took the well-intentioned advice, did talk to us, and began her journey.

Her first step was attending the MOE Coach Training Course that ran in Guernsey that year, and graduating as a MOE Certified Coach. Three years later Emily was one of the inspirational speakers at our conference, MOEvement 2018, sharing her emotional and empowering story.

“Being part of the MOE Community is like being part of a big family. You are encouraged to be yourself, to be an individual – yet you are never on your own. That connection to others, with similar passions, inspires you to be the best you can be. It opens up learning experiences and new opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily get in your everyday life. I have used skills learned from the coach training course that I never thought I would have, it has empowered me, and helped me to understand who I truly am as a person – which has also allowed me to share this understanding of myself with countless more individuals in the work that I now do as a disability sports coach, mental health campaigner champion, ambassador and speaker. “

A big step for Emily was putting herself forward to speak at the first conference, MOEvement 2016. Although she was selected to share her powerful story, Emily unfortunately was not well enough to attend, in fact she was in hospital at that time. Knowing that Emily’s story needed to be heard, she was encouraged to reapply to speak at the next conference two years later.

“In the lead up to speaking at MOEvement 2018 I was terrified, I would be speaking in a room where I knew some of the community but there would be others I did not know – and I’m a naturally shy person. I needn’t have been concerned, being part of MOE is being part of a supportive family – a family that is non-judgemental. They’re on your side. This was my first experience of public speaking, and it gave me such a confidence boost. It has led to me speaking at other events. Listening to the other speakers at the conference was so inspirational, and I learned many new things. Being part of MOEvement 2018, alongside attending the MOE coach training course and being part of the community, has made me believe in myself so much more and has helped me develop as an individual. This development continues to give me so much strength and hope with my ongoing recovery from anorexia, mental health issues and my disabilities, and has allowed me to realise that I do have a positive future ahead of me where I can be free, healthy and happy. I want to continue to share with others and help everyone be the best that they can be, just like the MOE message, because the light at the end of the tunnel is somewhere in sight – it will be a hard battle, but worth the fight”.

Emily’s memorable and motivating talk ‘Behind the Mask’ is available to watch again on our YouTube Channel and also on Emily’s website.

By sharing her story, Emily wants you to believe in yourself and for you to be your own best friend – she wants you to embrace and remember:

“I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I am meant to be, this is me”

Thank you Emily for being an integral part of the MOE Community, and for supporting others within it.

Me. Others. Everyone

​MOE goes virtual!

MOE is an ambitious organisation and we are continuing our mission to positively impact 1 million people. To enable that mission we have been looking at taking MOE courses (and other new offerings) into the online and virtual space for some time. With Covid-19 impacting how all of us live our lives we have accelerated that work and are excited to announce the launch of our virtual MOE Certified Coach Training Course.

At the end of April we tested our online delivery as we pivoted the final two days of a face-to-face course and carried them out virtually. The course was full of all the energy and enthusiasm that MOE creates and through the commitment of the participants we were able to launch 12 new coaches into the world.

We now know that the model works and as we continue to “trust the process”, we have reflected, amended and re-designed our 5-day coaching course so we can run it virtually. This means we can offer the same course, the same trainers, the same community spirit and connection and the same sense of belonging that comes from being a part of the MOE Community. In fact the only real difference is that the virtual course is run over nine weeks in smaller chunks, with plenty of home practice in between each session. We are incredibly excited to launch this new way of working and the first two courses are already underway as we moved scheduled face to face courses online.

Longer term and when the world allows it we will continue to run face to face coaching skills courses as well as virtual courses. We will take the same approach to the Dream Factory and bring this online and we have a whole raft of other virtual offerings waiting in the wings.  All of this work feeds into the evolution of MOE. In every crisis there is an opportunity and our opportunity is happening now.

We are incredibly grateful to the ongoing support and guidance from Carol Wilson and James Wright at Culture at Work. Carol has gifted the course material to MOE and provided the framework and structure for our virtual course. James has provided invaluable training on how to best deliver the course virtually. Their leadership and wisdom has enabled us to confidently switch to online delivery effectively and efficiently

There will be more online course dates released soon so watch this space and we hope you can join us on our journey…

Mark Bixter
Growth and Positive Impact Director

​MOE lands in Jersey 2019

MOE believes in reinforcing people’s dreams.

It is important to back yourself to achieve your ambitions.

We know through personal and professional experience it is vital in life to build a level of self-awareness, confidence, resilience and optimism.

Knowing how to communicate well with people is an essential skill, both at work and in our personal lives. It’s known that people and building relationships will help to open doors leading to new opportunities.

Learning to build rapport and trust is vital.

Become a coach, develop personally and professionally, and work toward making a difference in your community.

Join us for our accredited coach training course in Jersey, St Helier.

The 5-day course (split into 3 and 2 days, taking place in March and May) will provide you with enhanced communication skills and the ability to build and improve relationships using practical coaching skills.

Our *accredited coaching programme will also empower you to:

  • Identify your purpose
  • Clarify your personal values and what energises you
  • Learn practical coaching skills and the opportunities to firmly embed them by the end of the course
  • Understand what it means to be a purposeful coach and leader
  • Take charge and control of your life and professional career
  • Join a community that aids you in achieving your ambitions
  • Identify the life that you would love to lead
  • Increase your professional credibility

*The MOE Certified Coach Training Course is recognised by the Association for Coaching

Sound amazing? Wondering whether you can afford it? Keep reading…

Thanks to a generous association with Coaching Culture at Work, our corporate training partner, and our coach training team of MOE graduates, we are able to offer this opportunity to suitable and enthusiastic candidates at substantially reduced rates, with some full scholarships also available. This makes our course accessible to all who have a genuine interest in becoming a qualified MOE Coach (the typical cost to organisations for this coaching training course would otherwise be £2500.00). All donations go to the MOE Foundation for reinvestment into young people’s lives.

Interested for yourself?

The dates and location are:

Days 1-3: 20, 21, 22 March 2019

Days 4-5: 2, 3 May 2019

St Helier, Jersey

To apply for this course or to find out more please click here.

Interested for others?

Then spread the word, share this information with your community – whether that be online/virtually like the way Vibrant Jersey is helping us to, or old-fashioned word of mouth!

Remember! Always spread a little MOE wherever you go!

​Coach training course in Guernsey, the community & the Prison course

One of the most exciting areas I’ve been involved with since becoming part of the MOE training team in 2013 is the development of the MOE community on the beautiful island of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands.

It all started after Darren spoke in April 2014 at the inaugural TEDx conference in Guernsey created by the Dandelion Project (aka Marc Winn and Jon (Jock) Pettitt).

At the conference Darren told the MOE story, how MOE came about and what it had already achieved in the 2 years since it had been launched. As a result of Darren’s talk, several people (Marc & Jock included) convinced Darren to bring MOE to Guernsey and the first coach training course was run in Guernsey in June & July 2014.

I was not involved with the first 3 days of the first course as the fantastic James Wright, one of MOE’s fabulous trustees, led the training, but I was asked to join James for days 4 & 5, so that I could help with the assessments, and that, as they say, was the beginning of a wonderful journey for me helping to develop over 100 coaches on the island and countless wonderful experiences.

What I love about the Guernsey MOE community is that it is so close knit. On an island that is 12 miles long with an area of just over 24 square miles and a population of just over 63,000 people, the island probably already has the highest ratio of qualified coaches per head of capita in the world.

Also, because nobody lives too far away from anyone else on the island it also means that there is always a great turnout at any MOE events on the island and fellow MOEbsters from the UK always comment on the special energy and feeling of community that exists amongst the Guernsey MOE community.

On the Guernsey MOE courses I’ve seen long-term unemployed people who haven’t been able to get a job, land a job at their first interview after their course, people who said on the course they absolutely hated public speaking stand up and speak in front of a large group and say that they absolutely loved it, and course participants who have thanked me for changing their life, but then corrected themselves and said “actually, thank you for helping me to change my own life”.

One of the highlights for me in Guernsey was the 1-day introduction to listening, communication and coaching skills course I was asked to run in Guernsey prison with a group of offenders, and the most exciting project on the horizon is the 5-day certified MOE coach training course that we are planning to run in the prison starting in late March 2019 with a mix of prison officers and current prison residents, something that I believe will be a world first!

MOE is truly having a positive impact on the culture of the island, but it doesn’t end there. The first MOE course in Jersey is also launching in March this year.

​An Insider’s Guide to MOE by Joy Blundell

The MOE Foundation, can you tell me some more about it? The question has been asked enough times to warrant time spent to tell the story, so here’s my low-down of the MOE Foundation

MOE Foundation was founded by Darren Robson. The story is moving: raised in hardship as a young person, Darren was inspired to give back when his dear mother passed away, herself being a great pillar of strength for the communities and lives she touched. Her children, his siblings, decided to create MOE as part of her legacy, and with that they started a coaching movement.

With the help of Carol Wilson, they re-bundled her executive coaching course so that resources for this movement could reach as many people in need affordably. The aim is still to help young people in tough circumstances, but it also helps those looking for a way to transform their personal and professional careers and relationships. And it really does.

How it Works

The course runs about 4-5 times a year; each cohort ranges between 15-25 people. The cohort will spend 5 full days together: the first three days learning, the next 6 weeks practicing offline, and the last two days learning some more and finally getting assessed.

During the 6 weeks, students pair off to practice with each other over four sessions and produce a case study report which will be reviewed by a supervisor, in addition to a check-in call the week before they return for the final couple of days.

The course is paid for through nominal donations. It covers those who are not able to afford the course, and other expenses. Trainers give their time to the cause, so donations go straight to other participants.

The Cohort

Composed of people from all walks of life, the diversity makes the course extremely valuable. We have folks who know the ropes of coaching, those like me who have little clue, professionals, entrepreneurs, freewheelers, parents, transitioners, all at the brink of a deep tissue transformation they did not see coming.

More than that, the quality of conversations we have with each other in the name of coaching exercises are deeply meaningful and open that they gift a special bond between the cohort; we are friends who support each other and want to see each other succeed.

The Results

With the little I have done with MOE, seeing two classes go through some significant shifts has been hugely rewarding. The level of awareness the course brings to you, and tools to create interventions is practical, looks small, but transformative. The emphasis on listening, looking for non-verbal cues, breaking assumptions about the way we communicate are learnt by observation. The style of teaching is largely facilitative, allowing the group to reach their conclusions, and share their learnings in an open way. Which broadens scope for reflection and individual self-directed learning.


Once you have passed the course (yay!), the MOE certificate qualifies you for membership with the Association for Coaching: this gives you discounts to coaching publications and events run by AC. If you enjoy decorating your business card, you may suffix your name with additional letters. 

Where Are They Now

There’s a path sketched for those who wish to give back with their time through MOE. For those who wish to return as trainers, they run a full-day workshop featuring exercises on the materials, presentation, vocalisation. There are Coaching Accelerator days for those who wish to refresh their coaching skills by practice, and bi-monthly meetups to check in on how other MOE coaches are doing.

My Version

This is the version I tell everyone who asks: I took the course without the intention of becoming a coach.

My first encounter with MOE was at their inaugural MOEvement Conference (big thanks to @nicolejberg), where I heard a series of entrepreneurs and MOE coaches speak about their personal journeys. There was something so special about the group of 150 people in that room that day; it is hard to put into words.

Possibly the best description is their quality of human spirit, an openness and vulnerability they could trust to share over an implicit acknowledgement that each one of us had or were going through something similar.

It was an instinctual choice to find a way to grow closer to this community, and one of the more obvious ways was to take the course, and now return as a trainer to the course, helping and witnessing great personal and professional transformations take place.

Two Cents

As a non-coach participant, I cannot state enough how much this course has done for me. It came during a pivotal time, and enhanced the mileage travelled during my months of training as a facilitator, making new friends, running new projects, and so on. It served my personal relationships as well, inquiring more, hijacking less, and trusting that the person sitting across from you knows best about their problems, shifting your responsibility to facilitator, not advisor.

More importantly, the course rewires your instincts to notice more, and surrender control over discussions, and allow the other to explore possibilities not usually available to them. In a way, you become a channel for reflection and introspection.

All that to say, becoming a coach is not essential to choosing to take the course, but what you learn from the course is essential for life.

And with that, I’ll end with a sketchnote about the Reticular Activating System which was part of training delivered last week.

Joy Bundell



​Living Legends conversations with the Masters

We have privileged access to some of the worlds greatest thinkers and minds. Living Legends conversations with Masters is where we openly share their insights, life stories and thought provoking ideas and ideals.

Our first Living Legend is Sir John Whitmore, author, performance coach and former British racing driver.

​A MOE mission accomplished and so much more

Naina Oliver tells us about the latest Coach Training collaboration between MOE and African Prisons Project.

As I waited for 5 Senior Ugandan prison officers to arrive for day one of their five day MOE Coach Training Course I felt a mix of trepidation and excitement at what might be a challenge for me as a trainer. I had read about conditions in Ugandan prisons. Chronic overcrowding in facilities not fit for purpose and healthcare that is virtually non-existent. There were claims of human rights abuses and an unwieldy criminal justice system which sometimes even imprisons people on remand for more than 6 years simply as they await trial.

So what would these officers who work in such extreme environments be like and what will they make of our coaching course?

I do tend to approach each MOE course with joy and a great deal of optimism because, as anyone who has been on one of these courses will tell you, there is a steep learning curve and a transformative nature to the work that leaves people altered and usually elated. I wondered if our cultural differences might mean a different outcome in this case. My mission, I decided, was to make sure they understood the basics of coaching and took away at least something of value from the course.

They arrived wrapped up against the winter cold and responded with blank expressions when I said it was much milder than usual. They knew nothing about coaching as a concept and said they had been enrolled on the course as part of their 4 month secondment to the UK organised by the African Prison Project. They had no preconceptions or expectations.

They were very polite and quiet. Initially I wondered if they were engaging with the subject but then as we began the practical exercises and got to know each other it was clear that something special was unfolding before my eyes. They had a voracious appetite to learn and to practice and to understand what it is to coach and to be coached and after the initial politeness and gentleness what emerged was evidence of keen, sharp, enquiring minds and a group not afraid of challenging themselves, me or each other, not afraid of delving further into the world of coaching. They were optimistic about using and sharing this new knowledge. They were also excited about how they might apply the principles to not only their work but also their personal relationships and individual goals. There were long discussions about use of language and reframing conversions, shining goals and noticing and using body language. The days flew by.

They confirmed that the reports about the Ugandan prison service were not far from the truth. But it was also clear that here were 5 people from that system who were filled with humanity, intelligence a willingness to change the status quo or at the very least do their bit to improve conditions for their staff and inmates. They discussed how coaching could lead to a cultural shift in prisons and, while acknowledging this could take a long time, one of the participants said he could envision himself introducing similar coach training courses to create hundreds, if not thousands, of coaches in Uganda. The female participants talked about trail blazing for women in the prison service. The coaching that they were receiving and giving allowed their own ambitions to come to the surface.

There was a great deal of laughter and fun along the way, loads of lightbulb moments and when we came to the end of three days I had made 5 new Ugandan friends and we all knew that we were all altered, as is the way with this course, and elated at the promise of change from future coaching conversations.  Six weeks of coaching practice followed and they passed their final assessments with flying colours under the continued guidance of my colleague, Jeffrey, who has travelled the journey from MOE trainee to trainer.

Several months later, as they prepared to leave for home in time for Christmas, I was proud to hear them give an extra special mention to the MOE coaching programme as having been a particular highlight of their trip to the UK.  A MOE mission accomplished, and so much more.

​Entrepreneurs seek forgiveness, not permission

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