MOE Community Spotlight Emily Nuttall May 2020

This month it is our pleasure to introduce you to Emily Nuttall, an active and valued member of the MOE Community.

Emily initially found out about the MOE Foundation, back in 2015, when she was involved in another non-profit project over on the Channel Islands.

She knew she wanted to make a real difference in her hometown, and by chance was signposted to MOE – with that frequently heard comment ‘You should talk to MOE’. Not knowing who or what MOE was at the time, Emily took the well-intentioned advice, did talk to us, and began her journey.

Her first step was attending the MOE Coach Training Course that ran in Guernsey that year, and graduating as a MOE Certified Coach. Three years later Emily was one of the inspirational speakers at our conference, MOEvement 2018, sharing her emotional and empowering story.

“Being part of the MOE Community is like being part of a big family. You are encouraged to be yourself, to be an individual – yet you are never on your own. That connection to others, with similar passions, inspires you to be the best you can be. It opens up learning experiences and new opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily get in your everyday life. I have used skills learned from the coach training course that I never thought I would have, it has empowered me, and helped me to understand who I truly am as a person – which has also allowed me to share this understanding of myself with countless more individuals in the work that I now do as a disability sports coach, mental health campaigner champion, ambassador and speaker. “

A big step for Emily was putting herself forward to speak at the first conference, MOEvement 2016. Although she was selected to share her powerful story, Emily unfortunately was not well enough to attend, in fact she was in hospital at that time. Knowing that Emily’s story needed to be heard, she was encouraged to reapply to speak at the next conference two years later.

“In the lead up to speaking at MOEvement 2018 I was terrified, I would be speaking in a room where I knew some of the community but there would be others I did not know – and I’m a naturally shy person. I needn’t have been concerned, being part of MOE is being part of a supportive family – a family that is non-judgemental. They’re on your side. This was my first experience of public speaking, and it gave me such a confidence boost. It has led to me speaking at other events. Listening to the other speakers at the conference was so inspirational, and I learned many new things. Being part of MOEvement 2018, alongside attending the MOE coach training course and being part of the community, has made me believe in myself so much more and has helped me develop as an individual. This development continues to give me so much strength and hope with my ongoing recovery from anorexia, mental health issues and my disabilities, and has allowed me to realise that I do have a positive future ahead of me where I can be free, healthy and happy. I want to continue to share with others and help everyone be the best that they can be, just like the MOE message, because the light at the end of the tunnel is somewhere in sight – it will be a hard battle, but worth the fight”.

Emily’s memorable and motivating talk ‘Behind the Mask’ is available to watch again on our YouTube Channel and also on Emily’s website.

By sharing her story, Emily wants you to believe in yourself and for you to be your own best friend – she wants you to embrace and remember:

“I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I am meant to be, this is me”

Thank you Emily for being an integral part of the MOE Community, and for supporting others within it.

Me. Others. Everyone


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