Mind over matter: how to take care of our health & wellbeing – with Jon Robson

Hi, I’m Jon Robson, founder of the Lighthouse Healing Academy.

I’m one of four children and grew up in Kent, England. Our mum suffered from epilepsy her whole life. In the year 2000 she died during an epileptic seizure. I was 17 at the time. It was such a massive shocking event for us and a huge wake-up call that life can be so fragile and that we are to pay attention.

For a couple of years after our mum’s passing, I really had a challenging time. My eldest brother, Darren, visited me and asked three questions: Where are you going? If you keep moving in this trajectory, where are you going to be in 10 years? I knew it was leading to nowhere good. Then he asked, where would you love to be in 10 years’ time from now? I replied: “anywhere different”.  

His 3rd question was asking me what I wanted to do with my life? I responded immediately “I want to help people with their health”. It just rose up within me, like that quiet voice – connected to your intuition. I had a knowing inside of me that as human beings we weren’t designed to be sick or manage symptoms with medication for our entire lives.

With the newfound direction in mind, I registered for a course and became trained as a sports massage therapist, nutrition coach, and personal trainer. I was so excited to be learning about anatomy, physiology, nutrition and how the body works and functions. I just came alive. It felt so good energetically.

In 2005, I began studying NLP, psychology and coaching. I explored the relationship between our beliefs, values, memories, the decisions we make and how that has an impact on our health and wellbeing.

In 2006 I began training in martial arts, Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing). My teachers were 34th generation Shaolin monks from China, based in London. In 2006 I set myself a goal to be world champion within five years. Within eight months, I was British champion. Within one year, in October 2007, I was representing Great Britain competing in the world championships in Beijing, China.

Physically, I was in ridiculous shape. Mentally I realised I wasn’t so well. At the Championships I did a late kick, which is an illegal move that got me disqualified. I knew it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t in control of my mind in that moment. I realised I had a lot of unresolved anger from my childhood, that was affecting my psychology.

I came across Dr. John Demartini in 2008. I flew out to Texas to take part in a teacher training program. This is where I had the most profound breakthrough healing experience. I volunteered to go up on stage in a live audience coaching session with Dr. John Demartini.

After the breakthrough experience, I couldn’t believe how much my energy shifted. I felt like a new state of flow in my being. I felt like water and had such flowing energy. It was like years of tension had just shifted from my body. Since I was 12 years old, I had bronchiole asthma. In the months to come, my asthma completely cleared. My blood pressure and heart rate dropped and my musculoskeletal system completely relaxed.

I didn’t realise how much the traumas we hold inside of our mind deeply impact our health and wellbeing every day on such an unconscious level.

When I returned from the training in the US, I also came across META-Medicine. META-Medicine teaches the principles of how specific types of traumatic life events become expressed as specific types of symptoms and illnesses in the body and mind.

As I studied further, the pennies were really dropping. It was just making so much sense to me. But there was still this skeptic in me, so I started to play with the work to test its validity in real-world application. When working with clients, in every case the work proved to be accurate and revealing of shifts to be made to aid their health and healing journeys.

By 2010, I was certified as a Practitioner and Trainer of this work. By 2013, I qualified as a Master Practitioner and Master Trainer of META-Medicine, one of only 22 Master Trainers around the world.

If we scan our body, and scan our life, we all have different physiological and maybe some psychological challenges that we’re facing or processing. Or, we have those around us that have some challenges that we want to learn and understand for ourselves so we can help them move forward.

The ‘Introduction to the Science of Illness, Health, and Healing’ is the culmination of my career spanning over 20 years as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, nutritionist coach, martial arts champion and an Integrative Healthcare Specialist. I now help people overcome serious chronic illnesses, like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, different muscular-skeletal aches, pain problems and trauma and train others to do the same.

It’s essential to understand that healing is a journey. It is a process. Many of us have experienced such challenging lives and can be experiencing such a compromised state of physical and mental health.

Sometimes the level of help and assistance needed has different layers and levels based on the degree of intensity of someone’s experience. That’s why I founded Lighthouse Healing Academy. Through LHA we run courses based on an integrative model of healthcare to help people to make profound shifts in their health and healing and overcome significant chronic illness.

To find out more about Jon, his work and his programmes, please visit Lighthouse Healing Academy


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