Welcome to Podventures

Welcome to our MOE Podventures, where members of our wonderful community share insightful and thought invoking stories from their life experience.

Podcast guests will offer career, leadership, entrepreneurial and life hints and tips.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the people who are part of MOE and we hope it inspires you to connect, collaborate or partner in bringing more practical help and goodness to the world.

Keep making a difference and enjoy the podcasts here:

Simon Hampel

Episode 1, in our Podventures series, shares MOE trustee Simon Hampel’s story; from making £1 million in his first year as a successful dotcom entrepreneur – to losing everything!

Marc Winn

Episode 2, in our Podventures series, featuring Marc Winn, will leave you believing in magical moments once more, encouraged to embrace living a life of ease and authenticity, trusting that it all leads somewhere of meaning. 

Chloe Garland

In episode 3 we meet Chloë Garland, MOE graduate and coach and founder of Quarter-Life. 

Chloë’s leap into the world of coaching will inspire you to trust in your own instincts and stay true to your calling – to be conscious of your choices and lead a fulfilling life.

If you would like to share your story with the community please drop us an email sue@moefoundation.com.