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Welcome to our MOE Podventures, where members of our wonderful community share insightful and thought invoking stories from their life experience. Podcast guests will offer career, leadership, entrepreneurial and life hints and tips.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the people who are part of MOE and we hope it inspires you to connect, collaborate or partner in bringing more practical help and goodness to the world.

If you would like to share your story with the community please drop us an email sue@moefoundation.com.

Keep making a difference and enjoy the podcasts here:

Episode 8: Robin Chu

In episode 8, Darren talks to Robin Chu, Founder of CoachBright, a social mobility charity on a mission to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become confident, independent and resilient so they can lead the lives they want. Robin tells us the story of his humble origins, living in a small costal town in the south of England, to the culture shock of going to university. He shares how Graduating as a MOE coach in 2015 he had ambitions to pass on his knowledge and discusses the challenges and failures along the way to his entrepreneurial successes.

Episode 7: Natalia Talkowska

In episode 7, Darren welcomes Natalia, a talented artist and lifestyle entrepreneur. Founder of Natalka Design, a global communications agency helping clients with visual strategy and event visualisation, Doodeledo and seasoned TEDx speaker, Natalia is a creative force to be reckoned with. In this episode both Darren and Natalia express the importance of continuously talking and listening to people’s suggestions and needs, noting that by actively engaging with others and considering their suggestions, valuable insights into what people truly want can be gained.

Episode 6: Steffen Stäuber

In episode 6, Darren Robson talks to MOE Trustee Steffen Stäuber – Founder and CEO of Create Meaning, who has dedicated his life to all forms of creativity. Steffen begins the episode by talking about his childhood and how he spent it in the highly entrepreneurial town of Stuttgart Germany, the home to famous manufacturers such as Porsche and Bosch. We learn how he developed a love of graffiti and an ability to use art and beauty to unleash his rebellious side and ask questions of society and its ideals.

Episode 5: Jeffrey Wotherspoon

In episode 5 of Podventures, Darren Robson talks to Jeffrey Wotherspoon – a highly-valued member of the community who has been instrumental since the inception of MOE Foundation. From this episode, listeners will take away a definite reassurance of where an individual life’s journey begins doesn’t have to determine where they continue to tread, or who and what they become in society – even when much of their early environment led to the reinforcement of self-limiting beliefs in the individual.  Jeffrey’s story highlights how far he feels he is now from where he started, and the astounding difference to where he believed he would end up as he looked to the future as a youngster growing up in London.

Episode 4: Tony Phillips

In episode 4 we talk to MOE Magician, Master Trainer and Growth & Positive Impact Director – Tony Phillips. This episode of Podventures will encourage you to reflect upon your own life’s journey and personal development path and uncovers how by helping others you can also help yourself. It touches on how you can find your voice through embracing your true calling, while also championing others to move beyond their own struggles to see how fantastic they truly are. A key takeaway from Tony’s episode will be the impact of doing something on a daily basis (however small) to enable us to reach our potential.

Episode 3: Chloe Garland

In episode 3 we meet Chloë Garland, MOE graduate and coach and founder of Quarter-Life. Chloë’s leap into the world of coaching will inspire you to trust in your own instincts and stay true to your calling – to be conscious of your choices and lead a fulfilling life.

Episode 2: Marc Winn

Episode 2, in our Podventures series, featuring Marc Winn, will leave you believing in magical moments once more, encouraged to embrace living a life of ease and authenticity, trusting that it all leads somewhere of meaning!

Episode 1: Simon Hampel

Episode 1, in our Podventures series, shares MOE trustee Simon Hampel’s story; from making £1 million in his first year as a successful dotcom entrepreneur – to losing everything!