MOE Digital Academy – Coaching Conversations around Mental Health

25th February 2021 7.00pm - 8.30pm (GMT)

Does coaching have a role to play in supporting someone with their mental health? What questions and/or concerns does that bring up for you? Through this 90-minute session we’ll explore coaching and mental health and guide you through this potentially “sticky” area of coaching, to give you the confidence and clarity to know how to approach conversations around mental health as a coach.

25th February 2021 7pm to 8.30pm (GMT)

This interactive session led by Mark Bixter (Coach and MOE Lead Trainer) and Nadine Robson (Mental Health First Aid Approved Instructor and Coach) we will:

• explore coaches concerns around having conversations about mental health
• explore the boundary that sits between coaching and therapy
• give coaches the confidence to have conversations about mental health

To get the most from this session you need no experience in working with mental health, just curiosity in the subject and an openness to learn.

MOE Digital Academy (MDA) is a high-octane collaborative discussion series allowing exclusive access to impactful local and global contributors. MDA offers the MOE community a chance to participate in a vibrant digital discussion space hosted by experts.

Important! There is no charge to attend as this is a gifted event from MOE. Participants must pre-register.


Nadine Robson has been delivering Mental Health First Aid courses since 2013. She was first introduced to the course whilst working for the Prince’s Trust and has since trained hundreds of people from a wide range of backgrounds in the skills of being a Mental Health First Aider. She loves witnessing the shift in awareness which occurs for many delegates attending the courses and their increased confidence in having conversations about mental health, gained from having clear guidance and tools. Nadine is a founding trustee of the MOE Foundation and is very proud of the opportunities it provides for people to develop their skills, and the connection which people feel to each other and the community through attending courses.

Mark Bixter is an AC accredited Executive Coach and coach trainer. His work focuses on bringing coaching to settings where it may not ordinarily be found. He coaches around mental health for Sanctus, and is an associate coach for Young Women’s Trust, Frontline, Spark Inside and Quarter-Life.  Mark is a lead trainer for the MOE Foundation and has helped to train over 200 positive change makers.