MOE Digital Academy

4th June 2020 - 7pm (BST)

The MOE Digital Academy is a high-octane collaborative discussion series offering exclusive access to impactful local and global contributors who are;

  • Successful Leaders (CEOs, Founders, Executive Leaders, Global Players)
  • Social Architects, Impact Thinkers & Doers (Positive Deviants, Change Makers, Clever, Crazy Ones)
  • Dreamers and Idea Makers (Imagineers, Creative Geniuses, Innovators and Idea Architects)
  • Entrepreneurial Mavericks and Builders (Purposeful Entrepreneurs, Serial Entrepreneurs & Game Movers and Makers)
  • Mindset Shapers and Moevers (Psychologists, Philosophers, Visionaries, Futurists, Lovers of the Unusual)
  • Excellent People Developers, Learning Guides & Trainers (Expert Trainers in their Field, Train-the-Trainers, Wisdom Sharers)

Each virtual session is 90 minutes long and guarantees:

  • Real-world, practical top tips from a vast array of thought invokers and generally great people
  • Energising conversations to get you thinking, imagining and motivated to take positive action
  • Substantial support to help the MOE community achieve their potential, raising their individual and collective contribution bar
  • To support the work of other charities, social moevements, communities and organisations we love
  • To drive positive personal, local, social and global impact
  • A fun experience with super-clever people who are making a positive disruptive contribution and whose ideas, knowledge, wisdom and service we trust, value and believe in
  • The championing of fantastic people who are doing wonderful work in our precious world

How do you show up when Sh!t Happens?
Thursday 4th June 2020 – 7pm (BST)

Be one of the first to experience MOE Digital Academy by participating in the deep dive exploration into your own inner resilience, daily habits and focused actions.

  1. Explore – what does showing up mean for you?
  2. Deep Dive – on the challenges associated with showing up! 
  3. Decide – what are you prepared to commit?

Often in life there are moements where we need to dig deep, to draw on our pool of inner reserves in order to make things happen. This is even more prevalent now, as for many this unprecedented pandemic has evoked a true sense of needing to dig deeper than ever before.

Let us discuss – 

Reflecting on your own experience – for you, is it someone empowered and purposeful? or someone who is weakened and powerless? Why is it that some people automatically shift into powerful resilience? How can you activate this within yourself?

Come and join our three experts as they take you on an exploration and journey into your own inner space, to identify the resources you have available to you in times of need. Identify your own powerful daily habits and rituals that can set you up for success and that empower you to achieve your dreams.

There is no charge to attend MOE Digital Academy, and much to gain. Simply invest 90 minutes of your time to unearth many treasures within the academy and yourself.

Guarantee your gifted place on Thursday 4th June 7pm BST by registering to attend.

Meet Our Special Guest Speakers

Todd Eden 

Described as ‘annoyingly energetic in the mornings’ by his wife, and given advice by his soon-to-be-teenage daughter to ‘Dad. Just Stop’, Todd has a tendency to dream big and restlessly go after them. He’s an award-winning coach and leadership facilitator, and author of ‘Own Life: How to Show Up with Confidence and Take Control of the Future’

Rob Lawrence  

Obsessed with helping others to find happiness through coaching and audio. Survivor of a 15-year corporate career, and found coaching through podcasts and podcast through coaching (both saving his life) in 2007 –Rob has since created a niche and a living doing the two things he loves: recording and coaching. His primary professional aim in life is to help others to find their own voice so they can help others do the same.

Professor Geoffrey Abbott 

Oppositional, rarely content, always seeking better questions. Can read tea leaves, though sometimes spills the tea.  Delights and infuriates in holding differing views at the same time. Expert in flip flopping.  Swings between coaching in automotive workshops and corporate boardrooms. Exponent of ruthless compassion. Pracademic in living between pie-in-the-sky thinking and goal-setting 101.  Geoffrey has a love of his partner, cats and family in varying order – he also savours long-term friendships and spontaneous interactions with Uber drivers.