MOE goes virtual!

MOE is an ambitious organisation and we are continuing our mission to positively impact 1 million people. To enable that mission we have been looking at taking MOE courses (and other new offerings) into the online and virtual space for some time. With Covid-19 impacting how all of us live our lives we have accelerated that work and are excited to announce the launch of our virtual MOE Certified Coach Training Course.

At the end of April we tested our online delivery as we pivoted the final two days of a face-to-face course and carried them out virtually. The course was full of all the energy and enthusiasm that MOE creates and through the commitment of the participants we were able to launch 12 new coaches into the world.

We now know that the model works and as we continue to “trust the process”, we have reflected, amended and re-designed our 5-day coaching course so we can run it virtually. This means we can offer the same course, the same trainers, the same community spirit and connection and the same sense of belonging that comes from being a part of the MOE Community. In fact the only real difference is that the virtual course is run over nine weeks in smaller chunks, with plenty of home practice in between each session. We are incredibly excited to launch this new way of working and the first two courses are already underway as we moved scheduled face to face courses online.

Longer term and when the world allows it we will continue to run face to face coaching skills courses as well as virtual courses. We will take the same approach to the Dream Factory and bring this online and we have a whole raft of other virtual offerings waiting in the wings.  All of this work feeds into the evolution of MOE. In every crisis there is an opportunity and our opportunity is happening now.

We are incredibly grateful to the ongoing support and guidance from Carol Wilson and James Wright at Culture at Work. Carol has gifted the course material to MOE and provided the framework and structure for our virtual course. James has provided invaluable training on how to best deliver the course virtually. Their leadership and wisdom has enabled us to confidently switch to online delivery effectively and efficiently

There will be more online course dates released soon so watch this space and we hope you can join us on our journey…

Mark Bixter
Growth and Positive Impact Director


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