Early reflections on the Certified Coach Training Course going virtual

MOE Certified Coach Training Courses have gone virtual!

Our recent blog post outlining the initial launch of our virtual courses can be found here.

This move online was a few weeks ago now, and we’ve had time to reflect. All three of the MOE Growth & Impact Directors have all stepped into the virtual world and we are excited to announce there are regular courses running from June.

We asked our very own Tony Phillips for his thoughts on how he is finding transitioning from face-to-face delivery to virtual… let us hand you over to Tony for him to share his reflections in his own words:

Reflections on my first delivery of the first session of the MOE coach training courseTony Phillips (Growth & Impact Director)

I always have a nervous energy before I start leading any, and all, MOE coach training course(s).

Although the material is the same every time, the variable is the participants. I never know who will be turning up.

Of course I know their names, their ages and perhaps which organization they come from or which previous participant referred them. All interesting information but everyone is far more than a name, an age and an employee of an organization.

I only discover who’s in the room, what they love to do, what’s important to them, their values and whether they are open (most are) or skeptical (I’m always happy when they’re open about their skepticism as it means there’s an openness in there too), during the first session of the course.

So on my first virtual delivery I had all this going on inside, plus I was delivering solo without a training team, and whilst I had done some Zoom training as a participant, I had also never delivered in this environment and still considered myself a relative novice in the technicalities of using zoom (I still am), so the nervousness was heightened.

My nerves, as far as the participants went, evaporated fairly quickly, as each spoke about who they were and what they wanted from the course, even the person who had sat with a stony expression, broke into a smile as they talked about how they wanted to help others. (They had come to the right organization with MOE!)

While I consider my control of the technology side of the session on the “clunky” side, I was noticing that the power of the content and structure of the course were having their impact and that the participants’ awareness was being raised, as it always is.

There were challenges with the environment as I couldn’t always identify who had responded when I’d asked a question as the synchronization between the sound and the visuals was sometimes not quite there so I had to request clarification, plus because of the amount of content that I needed to deliver there wasn’t as much space to hear more people’s thoughts and views as there would normally be in a face-to-face course.

All in all, the session went really well. I heard people say what they’d learned and I’m excited to hear whether that new learning has began to percolate, and to help them if they’re feeling challenged by anything we talked about on session 2.

I received a few very kind emails from participants after the course and from those who have so far provided feedback to our brief survey, all found it good and over 80% very good or excellent.

I’m definitely excited for the upcoming virtual courses!

Thank you Tony – all of MOE HQ are excited to see what the future holds too.

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