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“My purpose comes from a drive for self-realisation and a passion for learning how to do new things”

Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views?

Pure and applied maths, physics and chemistry at A level… a business studies degree and then my first career in public relations where I spent 8 years working in leading global PR consultancies (Edelman PR Worldwide, Charles Barker / BSMG Worldwide).  During that time I worked in practically every sector including consumer, travel, business to business, corporate, business technology and finally healthcare.  And I loved it all, however, frustration and boredom set in once my curiosity was satisfied, my PR abilities were very developed and I was no longer learning so much……..Time to move on.

I had a belief that there had to be something more… more than working all hours for the bottom line of some blue chip… and giving my life to that?!  So a process of soul searching, reconnecting with what was important to me, and a path that led to coaching and training where I moved from using very basic coaching skills, to NLP master practitioner, to then working with energetics and consciousness.  I then created The Evolutionary Institute with 3 other leading ‘consciousness’ coaches and travelled the world teaching other coaches what we labelled ‘Advanced Coaching’ skills.  In essence this was a about opening people up to abilities and connections to self that are way beyond the accepted physical realms.

“When we free ourselves to access abilities, skills and knowledge that we have no conscious awareness of, this means pure creation beyond what is known, understood and logical”

This has opened up a fascination with what is truly possible when we let go of mass consciousness norms/beliefs and are open up to being all that we are.  When we free ourselves to access abilities, skills and knowledge that we have no conscious awareness of, this means pure creation beyond what is known, understood and logical.

So my current passion is Creation in the biggest sense of the word (from artistic expressions via canvas, photography, digital arts etc., to creation of the life I want to live, to the abilities of the physical body, to new ways of creating on the planet… the scope is endless).

My current drives:

  • The power of beauty and sensuality… of a life truly experienced.
  • I have a huge curiosity about creation what is possible beyond the known, and about the creative process.
  • To keep open to play in any and all arenas that call me in the moment, beyond categories, labels and limits.
  • Full expression of self in any form it might take.
  • Creations as a natural part of everyday life… no separation between work and personal.
  • PomiGarnetz is the space where some of these creations are shared in the world

"free living, free loving, free creating…Jewels of love are born"

What have been your critical lessons learnt along your entrepreneurial/creative journey?

  • Follow your instincts / gut feel and choose to do what feels right… especially when it defies all logic (sometimes that’s the biggest indication that this path is going to be amazing).
  • Find your voice and resist the urge to merge!  You have something unique to bring.. so bring it!
  • Tune into the biggest energies of what you are creating… translated as ‘think big’ … much easier to get the smaller things to fall into place when you do that.  If you start with what you think is possible with the resources you know you have, it is much harder work.
  • Don’t sell yourself short… honour yourself, work, projects etc and give them the importance & value they deserve.

What would be your 5 top tips for purposeful entrepreneurs?

  • Be true to yourself and trust your own knowing in every situation.
  • Be present in each new moment, and fluid in your creations… don’t hold on tight to anything… even the vision for your creation.  Let go of control over every detail and let it unfold into something way bigger than you could have envisioned.
  • Start each day with a list of what you want… keeps you focused in the right direction and on-line for serendipity!
  • Keep your focus on yourself and your own creations… not on what others are doing. Remove competition / comparison based thoughts from your repertoire.
  • Keep the passion, work from there and the money will take care of yourself (rather than your starting point being how you are going to make money from your venture).

Ushma Patel

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