MOE Firestarter LIVE Q&A MOE Firestarter LIVE Q&A

MOE Firestarter LIVE Q&A with Darren Robson - Thursday 5th November 6pm

MOE's Chief Story Teller and Firestarter, Darren Robson, will be live online to discuss any topics that you want to bring up and to offer support and advice.

When: Thursday 5th November 2015 6 pm


Please contact sue@moefoundation.com for more details.

Darren RobsonDarren Robson is the visionary entrepreneur who had a dream as an 11 yr old child, some 28 years later this dream is now a reality with the launch of MOE Foundation.

He is a co-leader of 3 organisations, a speaker, writer and positive shark in the global fish tank.

He is passionate about game changing the lives of young people the world over…..he has 2 children and lots of people who make sure that his feet are firmly planted in the ground.