Brightside Brightside

Brightside logoBrightside is a charity that helps young people access the education and career pathways they might not have believed were available to them. We want to make sure that it’s talent, not background, that determines the education opportunities and careers that are available to young people.

Brightside believes that every young person should have the advice or inspiration they need to get to where they want to be in life, and we’re helping make this happen in lots of different ways:

Online mentoring – getting advice and support from someone who is where you want to be, whether that’s at university or in a certain career, is invaluable. We make this happen through online mentoring – structured and supported online contact with a mentor who can help young people work out where they want to go in life and how they can get there.

Online resources – there’s an overwhelming amount of information on careers, finance and education. Knowing where to go and what to trust is hard. We make it easy. Our online information resources cover everything you might need to know when making career or education decisions. They’re also completely impartial, up-to-date and easy to get your head around.

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