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'It’s a coaching company, but not as we know it.’ A short story on the launch of professional coaching social enterprise, DotCoach CIC

Over a year ago Chirag and I completed our executive coach training. We were blown away by the experience. Both in financial services, we strode out into the coaching world ready to become the servant leaders we’d set out to be. But our stride didn’t take us towards setting up a consultancy or working with executives, our interest was in working with young adults and utilising technology to make professional coaching accessible.

We’d never met previous to our training but, through that experience, found that we both believed that coaching could be a catalyst for societal change. That developing self-knowledge and learning to think for yourself could be a game changer to young adults transitioning in or out of education, their career or business.

That may seem quite obvious. Each generation holds the view that the following generation has never had it so easy and that there are few people that leave University/education with any great direction around their future. Yet we have something real, something tangible that can make that difference - professional coaching. But young adults can’t afford the cost of having a professional coach. So we thought we’d have a shot of doing something about it and started DotCoach CIC.

We looked for the value we could bring to a coach that would see them work with this group. Our research was fairly conclusive and that achieving the necessary coaching hours to maintain a membership or accreditation with the professional coaching bodies was a pain point for many coaches. There was also a large group within the coaching community that wanted to give back and make a difference but could never connect to the right opportunity.


At the start of 2016, and through the support of a Firstport Social Entrepreneurs award, we partnered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to conduct a pilot of an online platform we had developed. Alongside this, we conducted research to illustrate the 4-year timeline of young adults transitioning out of education.

On successful completion of both initiatives, we received an endorsement from ICF UK and launched the Founder Membership of the #coachforgood initiative. We achieved the 100 memberships we had initially made available in 2 weeks and now have near 130 professional coaches across 9 countries and 5 continents. We’re excited and humbled by the belief and investment of the people that are behind us.

In September, and with a community of professional coaches behind us, we launch ‘Know You More’. A call to action for young adults to think differently and for themselves about who they are and what they want to achieve. To inspire a purpose-driven generation that identifies a problem they want to solve over the status they want to achieve. Run by this very age group they describe the brand as real, bright and positive.

After 38 years and a drive for personal development, I’ve never experienced the level of self-learning that is acquired from starting your own enterprise. We’ve taken a lot inspiration from the work of the MOE Foundation and their own application of professional coaching and it is with great delight that I have the opportunity to talk to you through them.

As a huge thank you we’re extending our Founder Membership opportunity exclusively to those professional coaches that join us via MOE.

You can do so by selecting ‘Join Now’ at www.dot-coach.org or through this link.

Simply add ‘MOE’ when asked ‘How did you hear about DotCoach CIC?’ on the registration form.

Also, if you would like to learn more or just to say ‘Hi’ - you can email me at tim@dot-coach.org or via Skype: timdotcoach

Tim Mart


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