Speaker Snapshot - Elizabeth Wainwright Speaker Snapshot - Elizabeth Wainwright

Meet the moevement conference speakers in this series of interviews

Elizaabeth WainwrightElizabeth Wainwright

Managing Director, Community Health Global Network (CHGN)


What will you be speaking about at the moevement conference?

I’ll be challenging the poverty mindset in the context of international development. I’ll look at how communities (and individuals) that I work with in Africa and Asia have strengths and gifts which, when identified and owned, can be transformational. This is also applicable to individuals that I coach in the UK.

Through my talk, I’ll challenge some of the traditional views of aid, development and charity, and I’ll also talk about how the coaching approach that we are increasingly using in our work is having impact.

I’ll also weave in some of my own stories and experiences creating and exploring around the world.

Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views?

I’ve always enjoyed creating, and disrupting the status quo! And the status quo in international aid and development can be harmful. I’ve lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa, and I’ve met countless local entrepreneurs working away to transform their life, and their community. They’ve hugely inspired me. We can create change! -- but to do this, we need people who believe in us, and will walk with us.

I also naturally see the bigger picture, join dots and synthesise ideas. I’m forever curious and investigating -- at work, in nature, with new ideas, with people, etc. I bring this approach to all of the work and purpose I’m involved in.

In terms of people I look to who have inspired me -- it’s the disruptors, the free spirits, the quiet but radical leaders, the thinkers and observers, and also the nature lovers. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Joan Baez, Thoreau and Annie Dillard (nature writers), Maria Popova (who curates ‘Brainpickings’)…the list could go on and on.

What’s the purpose of your organisation?

Many individuals and organisations are doing their own thing -- not realising that someone else is down the road, trying to do the same thing. CHGN brings these changemakers together, and helps them to define, plan and lead their own community-led health, wellbeing and happiness.
CHGN also challenges the idea that poor communities in Africa and Asia need ‘fixing’ and ‘interventions’ by outsiders who will come and ‘save’ them. Poverty is a lack of money -- not a lack of ideas, skills, hopes, or understanding. We tap into the uniqueness of each community, and help them to harness it for their own transformation.

How did you become part of the MOE Community?

I completed the MOE Coach training in 2015, and loved it. It’s really helped me think about the role of coaching in International Development, and in our own lives. I’ve also joined the MOE Operating Board, and am excited about giving back and supporting the MOE community as it evolves.

What does the moevement conference mean to you?

It’s a ‘watering hole’ for people who have ideas and energy to gather. It is the expression of something bigger than simply ‘work’. It’s about bringing our whole selves to explore what is possible -- for us as individuals, for our work, for our communities and for our world. It’s a place to be comfortable with questions, inspiration, disruption and hope and joy. Joy seems countercultural these days! -- Perhaps ‘Moevement’ is about disruptive joy moving us toward transformation.

What is your favourite quote?

At the moment, it’s this one --
"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."
- R. Buckminster Fuller

Elizabeth Wainwright



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