Speaker Snapshot - Eleanor Seaver Speaker Snapshot - Eleanor Seaver

Meet the moevement conference speakers in this series of interviews

Eleanor Seaver

Eleanor Seaver

Director at The Seaver Foundation


 What will you be speaking about at the moevement conference?

Childrens rights to participation, and what we can learn from listening to their voices. Particularly for children growing up in difficult circumstances in the UK and overseas, they are often surrounded by adults making decisions about what they need, and how they are likely to feel. We rarely take time to stop and ask the children’s opinions on this and truly respond to it - yet when we do so, they teach us so much about them, and even more about us. I will look at how society has taken it’s toll on the adults views, and why children should inspire and empower us! The context of international volunteering will shape these views.

Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views?

It came from a combination of hopeless optimism, with frutstration at society, and a particularly hormonal spontaneous day. The hormones were biological. Optimism came built in. Frustration stemmed from seeing services designed to benefit young people never reaching their potential, and even potentially harming young people, because of their lack of account for what the child actually thinks. I felt that the people and community I grew up in and those I had visited overseas were all being given a less than good service from charities and social services, because of the assumptions of adults. They were shaped by a need for money and to fit in with societal structures and I didn’t believe in that or like it for human-kind.

What’s the purpose of your organisation?

Following on from the above, I believed the children knew better, untainted by this and I was determined to prove that by creating something different. Of course I have encountered the challenges of reality every day and even given in to some of them! But our purpose remains, we will ask the children most excluded, what they really feel, need and want - and we will respond to it. Driven by listening to young peoples opinions we now provide Summer Camps, psychologists, sports and music therapy to a variety of young people in the UK and overseas particularly those in refuge and living in extreme poverty. We aim to encourage others providing services to young people to do the same thing and this now involves evaluating other charities services from the child’s perspective and making recommendations for change.

How did you become part of the MOE Community?

My old buddy who I grew up making mischief in the North East with (Daniel Marshall) had taken a wonderful journey and found himself in MOE as a co-founder of Spark Inside. He mentored and guided me throughout the founding of the charity, and as part of this he introduced me to MOE as an organisation that shared our optimism and enthusiasm!

What does the moevement conference mean to you?

My experience with MOE introduced me to a group of people flittering on the edge of being tainted by adulthood, and living on an inspirational, optimistic mind-set. This conference will allow me to explore with, and learn from these people. Talking at the conference will allow me to share what I have done, to hopefully put our case forward as to why all the people in the room could benefit from listening to children, as well as to be challenged in my beliefs and practices. Most of all I would like to see it as a chance to have fun in the name of work!

What is your favourite quote?

Don’t stop until you’re proud


Eleanor Seaver


theseaverfoundation@gmail.com / director@theseaverfoundation.org

Visit www.moevement.com to find out more and book your place


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