Join Us! Join Us!

We are excited to announce our first ever conference, to be held in London on the 14th July.

With 140 delegates, speakers, sponsors and volunteers the moevement conference aims to deliver fun, learning and inspiration.

There will be countless networking opportunities to engage with speakers and delegates, which makes the moevement conference an event one you won’t want to miss.

Ordinary people sharing their extraordinary dreams and life stories.

Many of you know that here at MOE Foundation we are deeply passionate, proud and feel privileged to help people achieve their dreams. 

Too often we hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential. All of our speakers have had to overcome real challenges. They have been identified from within the MOE Community and all of them have gifts, ideas and lessons in life that are worth hearing first hand. They are just like you, people who have a dream.

This one-day conference gives you the opportunity to hear their inspirational stories and very real lessons learnt.

You can see the line-up of MOE Stars here MOEVEMENT Conference - JOIN US!

We have already pre sold over 50 tickets and so we only have 70 or so left to sell, so it will be on a first come basis. Anyone is welcome to attend the conference, whether you're young or not so young, a budding entrepreneur or looking for clarity on the next steps for your career vision, there's something for everyone.

We Gift You Gain We All Give And Grow Together

Remember, WE GIFT, YOU GAIN, WE ALL GIVE & GROW TOGETHER.....it's the secret architecture that underpins this community....M.A.D in a MOEMENT


Visit www.moevement.com to book your place now!


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