miKind - Connecting Communities Worldwide miKind - Connecting Communities Worldwide

Imagine a world where our communities can easily connect, share and collaborate locally, nationally and worldwide. Where experiences, knowledge and resources are passed on easily for the benefit of the many. A world where in times of a crisis or natural disaster our project leaders can come together and empower one another no matter where they are in the world.

We moved to a small market town in South Devon in November 2015.  The town is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful people, with a high level of participation in a wide range of community groups and events.  As soon as we got here, I was able to release the pent up desire that I felt in Edinburgh to create something new.  I posted a message on a local forum and started a weekly peer empowerment group.  It was from this experience that I finally realised that although I loved both sports and personal coaching, what really gave my soul a lift was bringing people together for a common good. 

Skip forward to January 2016 and in enters a Facebook message from someone I didn’t know.  A young community worker from Uganda who was contacting people in an effort to get help with his children’s project.  After having a chat and offering the few fundraising ideas I had at the time, it didn’t feel enough for me.  It was then I remembered the situation my friend in Berlin had last year where she was finding it incredibly difficult to locate a suitable community arts project in the UK to collaborate with. That led me to the memory of how my Mum told me she was struggling to find 30 chairs, a suitable van and a driver for her fundraising fashion show for the elderly in the West of Scotland.  

miKindSo here we had community workers in Uganda, Scotland and Germany all having a hard time to get the help and resources they need to make lives better for others.  And it struck me, where would we be without our dedicated community workers who run our youth clubs, our drop in centres, our elderly projects, our women’s empowerment groups and all the rest! I know the quality of my own childhood and adolescent years would be far less if it wasn’t for workers like these. Where can these individuals and projects go and connect with like-minded others? 

Feeling inspired and motivated to bring people together for positive social change I sought the feedback of community groups and organisations.  I have met some truly inspiring individuals and projects that really deserve a stage of their own with the opportunity to share and learn, empower and encourage, collaborate and celebrate with each other. 

Working alongside my partner, the miKind network was created, providing a space for community workers/projects and organisations all over the world to come together for mutual discovery, to share their story, best practice, experiences, ideas, goals, community engagement and more! When communities move forward, we all move forward.  This is the miKind network global vision.

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By Claire Mulholland.  March 2016.  The miKind network launch is miKindWomen 2016 - inviting women’s community projects worldwide. Working with our podcast partners at DotCoach to highlight inspiring projects from around the world.


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